公司簡介 / Compay

公司簡介 / Compay

柏薇菈(Bravura)是Bravo 加上 希臘神話中的晨曦女神 Aura 所組合而成。運用多樣植物萃取,以高超技巧與充沛活力譜出華麗樂章,賦予肌膚元氣,讓肌膚如晨曦般煥發活力、恢復柔嫩光澤。四季不同的鳥語花香,煥發肌膚活力,讓身心靈淨化重生,讓每個女人如同晨曦女神,打造出陽光般耀眼淨嫩肌膚,吸引眾人目光,令人讚嘆。

The word "Bravura" is a combination of "Bravo" and "Aura," the divine personification of the breeze in ancient Greek mythology.Using multiple botanic extracts and superb skills, our products give the skin vitality as rejuvenated at dawn, and restore brightness and softness. Bravura brings radiance to all women's skin that catches every's eyes.



Bravura sees every woman as a unique rose.

Rose represents an image of mysterious、luxury、and precious, and women too. Women's skin also need careful care to bloom radiance and luminous. Bravura's research team designed products that are the most suitable for Asian women's sensitive skin due to the changing climate across the land. From material、formula、to production, all have been through strict, step by step tests, to ensure product quality. From age to skin type, Bravura knows all women's needs.

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